Love Notes

Just a few notes from our clients……

“Thanks for the beautiful stationery.  Your work is great.”                            -Dr. Joi Robinson-Tidmore

“Thank you for making Lilly’s invitations so reflective of who she is – they are also beautiful!” – Love, Kate Herschman

“Special thanks again Lisa, for your personal touch.  Job well done!”           -Betty Hines

“Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did for me…and for your sweet and professional style.”    – Love, Bonnie Barenholtz

“Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for the design of our beautiful invitations.  They are special and we love them and you too!”  – Gratefully Nancella Harris

“Thank you very much to the attention to detail, beautiful packaging  – an amazing gift!,” – Love Barrie Rosencrans

“Lisa, you have beautiful stationery!” – Gretchen Smith

“Dear Lisa, The invitations look great.  Thank you so much – you’ve made all of the party planning much easier because in addition to the invitations you’ve provided some great stress therapy.  Thanks for everything!”- Love, Meredith Weil

“You do good work!  Thanks ever so much….”- Love, Diane Moody

“Thank you again for your generous contribution to our art program.” , – Love Jill Schumacher

“I love all of my stationery!  Thank you so much!”                                       – xoxo Jennifer Kaufman

“Thank you for the beautiful stationery.  You are so talented, Lisa!!”           – Jill DiPiero

“Dear Lisa, Wow! Your stationery is exquisite.  Two friends I have given it to were delighted.” – Love, Jill

“Dear Lisa, This is a long overdue thank you for all that you did for me this fall.  The invites for Sam’s Bar Mitzvah were perfect and you made the process so easy and fun! I can’t thank you enough!” – Meredith Weil

“Dear Lisa, The invitations were fabulous.  We received many, many compliments about how unique, individualized and lovely they were.  And thanks for the beautiful and elegant thank you notes.  They are lovely!” – Love, Barbara and Tom Hamilton


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