A Note About Us


I have always loved pretty papers, but I never imagined that paper could bring such joy, until I used it to brighten someone else’s day.  Thus, this passion for pretty papers coupled with the desire to make others feel special is the pure essence of Olivia Marie.



Olivia Marie began in 2006 offering personalized stationery to friends and family.  After just a few short months, a business was born.  We became official in July of 2007 and have expanded our product line to include Custom Invitations and Gifts that are both, pretty and personal.



We believe in the “written word” and its ability to make people feel remembered, valued and just plain special….If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a word is worth a thousand feelings.  Pictures and words are the foundation of Olivia Marie Designs.  It’s a place where the visual meets the verbal and creates perfect harmony.

And so we strive everyday to live up to our image….Olivia Marie, where everything is pretty and personal!


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